Best Blogs to Post Articles 2020


I have determined my favorites for the blogs to post articles list. You will enjoy the pages that I read regularly and follow the current topics. 2020 blogging sites with inspiring bloggers. If you are interested in literature, culture and art, you should follow these blog pages. Whether you’re an exciting blogger or a reader who likes to read inspiring articles, you’ll love these sites.

Reading a blog is always my favorite! I love not only writing but also reading other blogs and discovering new things. I like reading personal blogs more than spending time on social media. In this article, I wanted to write culture and art blogs that I enjoyed reading.

Best blogs to read 2020, that will inspire your life…

Literaty Hub

There is Literary Hub, which I enjoy reading first on the blogs to post articles list. An interesting blog site that is constantly updated and where cultural contents are shared as well as social issues.

Book Riot

best blog

Ellen Jovin

Itchy Feet Comics

Readin Blog

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